How To Distract Yourself When The Urge To Smoke Sinks In

How To Distract Yourself When The Urge To Smoke Sinks In

The advocacy and promotion to quit smoking has been done with full efforts. These efforts are somehow responded with positive reactions from smokers who are willing to give up smoking and save their lives and loved ones as early as today. However, withdrawal from the habit, especially when the addiction has totally sunk in the system is a very tough thing to do. Smoking is believed to be both a physical addiction and psychological habit. For this reason, extraction from cigarettes and the chemical responsible for the addiction will bring about withdrawal symptoms both physically and mentally. These symptoms are difficult to resist which results to some smokers’ failure of quitting and returning back to the habit.


Experts, however, have found some alternative things to do that smokers can do instead of smoking for a successful attempt on quitting. Exercise is the best alternative to smoking. Whenever you get the urge to light a cigarette, make yourself busy by exercising. It releases natural happy endorphins that ease stress and apprehension away. Exercise will not only divert your cravings away but will also energize and tone your muscles for a healthier body. Aside from exercise, you can also listen to your favourite music and sway and dance to the tune.

This will distract your cravings and relaxes your mind. Another calming distraction to smoking is taking a shower. The water will ease your mind and after you feel fresh and clean, there is no way you would think of smoke and cigarettes. Also, munching on healthy food is a good alternative to smoking. Carrots, radishes, bell pepper and celery and other low-calorie foods are the good snacks that will make your tummy full and your mind away from cigarettes. Self-massage is also good in distracting cravings away. It is also recommended that you stay at places where smoking is prohibited so you would not be tempted to light a stick.


It is also a good idea to bond with your kids and wife when the urge to smoke sinks in. You can play board and physical games or watch movie with the whole family. Surely, the giggles and laughter from your kids will ban the idea of smoking entering into your mind. There are various ways to divert yourself from the cravings of smoking and nicotine. It may seem hard at first, but with the right guidance and actions, you would be successful in your attempt.